Welcome to the pilot version of humantarianhistory.org which is a joint initiative of the Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG) at the Overseas Development Institute and the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI) at the University of Manchester. The objective of humanitarianhistory.org is to:

  • make the history of the humanitarian sector more easily accessible to humanitarian workers and researchers
  • to facilitate and support the work of those researching the history of the humanitarian sector

Once the site is fully operational it will provide:

  • an interactive timeline covering the period from 1850 to 2010 with each event or episode being supported by a brief summary text linking to a fuller summary text including a list of key references and additional information links where available
  • a bibliographic catalogue on humanitarian history (including the full texts of those publications free of copyright restrictions)
  • a directory of on-going international research on humanitarian history
  • a community-edited space facilitating discussion and comment on event entries on the timeline
  • a facility for uploading or otherwise contributing documents such as grey literature, oral history and videos

It is planned that the site will be complemented by an outreach mechanism for digitising private and grey literature collections. This pilot site is intended to provide a ‘taster’ of the full site by providing:

  • a link to the Humanitarian History Timeline developed by HCRI for use by students. Though similar in principle the version on the full site will be fuller and visually clearer and will be fully accessible by iPads and other mobile devices
  • a selection of 500 key texts on humanitarian history selected from HPG’s current catalogue of several thousand documents generated by its on-going project “Global History of Modern Humanitarian Action”

For more information on humanitarianhistory.org and its planned development please contact: